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The Pit is a one page dungeon about adventurers who explore a strange chasm in the far frozen north. Going too deep might disturb some of The Pit's alien residents.


  • Explore an ancient ruin and discover the fate of a long lost civilization.
  • Avoid and defeat monsters inspired by the xenomorphs in Alien.
  • Witness the cosmic titanic horror that slumbers beneath The Pit.

I originally ran this as a one-shot adventure for my regular D&D group on Halloween 2020. I took inspiration from the Alien franchise, John Carpenter's The Thing, and the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park project by Trevor Roberts.

The dungeon itself doesn't make any system assumptions, and could be played with 5e, After The End, or the OSR system of your choice.

I've included a second supplemental page of information for the adventure that includes several creature statblocks for 5e and After The End, as well as NPC and magic item suggestions.

Zip download includes both pages in pdf & jpg format, and all files are available as separate downloads as well.


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Oh this looks right up my party's alley. I'm going to try to run this asap!

Awesome! I'd love to know how it goes! Haha my group almost didn't end up getting to the big reveal at the end of the dungeon and instead got super invested and suspicious of one of the NPCs.