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The Magic Earth is a game of imagination.  In this game, the players can expect to…

  • Imagine fantastic magic and invent spells on the fly.
  • Face dangerous enemies who desire your power for their own ends.
  • Develop characters who grow and change. It’s possible for characters to die, but it’s more likely they will be forever marked by their experiences.

What do you get when you purchase The Magic Earth?

  • A 20-page digital pdf rulebook for players and guides (GMs).
  • Rules for creating a character in a modern fantasy setting.
  • A framework for creating improvised magic in lieu of pre-determined spells.
  • A D6 conflict-resolution system similar to Forged in the Dark.

The Magic Earth is a rules-lite tabletop roleplaying game meant to be played with a group of two to five people, with one player assuming the role of Guide. If this is your first time with a tabletop roleplaying game, the Guide’s role is to present the scenes that the other players interact with through their characters. Each player plays a single character, while the Guide assumes the role of the antagonists and supporting cast.

This pdf is formatted to be printed out as a 5.5 x 8.5 inch booklet.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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